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Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика - Циммерман М.

Название: Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
Автор: Циммерман М.
Категория: Языкознание. Языки
Тип: Книга
Дата: 07.08.2008 18:07:47
Скачано: 1207
Описание: А [см. тою. В то время каку Note that Condition (1) is equivalent to stability, whereas (or while) Condition (2) can always be satisfied by scaling. А вместе с ним и The positive charge will be reduced, and with it the coulombic attraction for the lig-and. А именно The movement itself gives rise to a second field, namely, the magnetic field. А как насчёт What of the vast masses of granite now between the remnants? How and when did they originate? А может быть и [см. тою. Если неУ In such circumstances collaborative tests become very important if not essential. The only explanation is that some variable components of a quasar, if not the entire quasar, may be not much larger than the solar system. А на самом деле это не так The alternating double and single bonds should be of different lengths, which they are not. Ане These deviations may be manifested in the form of an accelerating instead of a decelerating wave. Under such circumstances, the two donor atoms on the same chelate molecule coordinate with different metal atoms rather than with one; thus, a polymeric chain may result rather than [or (and) not/ a ring structure. Since the various types of microscope supply different kinds of information, they complement each other rather than competing. That means that the laser beam is elliptical instead of round. The resulting F-band is dependent upon the particular alkali halide used, not upon the alkali metal vapour. А не на Most of the energy goes into heating the bulk gas instead of (or and not) into promoting the desired reactions. А не наоборот It is much more likely that the motion of the lithospheric plate governs the flow of convection currents in the asthenosphere, rather than (or and not) the reverse (geol). А не только All air must be heated, and not just the small fraction that contributes to the formation of the product. А пока We shall revert to this subject in a later para-graph; for the moment we assume that... We will learn how to develop such equations in the next chapter, for now, we may rely on a set of tabulated equations given in Appendix D. The rms speed is different from ...; for the present, the value of Vu will be taken as indicative of... For the time being, draw all plate boundaries as single lines, without any distinction For the time being, draw all plate boundaries as single lines, without any distinction as to the type of boundary each represents.
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