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Advaced Thermodynamic Engineering - Annamalai K., Puri I. K.

Название: Advaced Thermodynamic Engineering
Автор: Annamalai K., Puri I. K.
Категория: Физика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 21.10.2008 20:05:56
Скачано: 85
Описание: We have written this text for engineers who wish to grasp the engineering physics of thermodynamic concepts and apply the knowledge in their field of interest rather than merely digest the abstract generalized concepts and mathematical relations governing thermodynamics. While the fundamental concepts in any discipline are relatively invariant, the problems it faces keep changing. In many instances we have included physical explanations along with the mathematical relations and equations so that the principles can be relatively applied to real world problems. The instructors have been teaching advanced thermodynamics for more than twelve years using various thermodynamic texts written by others. In writing this text, we acknowledge that debt and that to our students who asked questions that clarified each chapter that we wrote. This text uses a "down-to-earth" and, perhaps, unconventional approach in teaching advanced concepts in thermodynamics. It first presents the phenomenological approach to a problem and then delves into the details. Thereby, we have written the text in the form of a self-teaching tool for students and engineers, and with ample example problems. Readers will find the esoteric material to be condensed and, as engineers, we have stressed applications throughout the text. There are more than 110 figures and 150 engineering examples covering thirteen chapters. Chapter 1 contains an elementary overview of undergraduate thermodynamics, mathematics and a brief look at the corpuscular aspects of thermodynamics. The overview of microscopic thermodynamics illustrates the physical principles governing the macroscopic behavior of substances that are the subject of classical thermodynamics. Fundamental concepts related to matter, phase (solid, liquid, and gas), pressure, saturation pressure, temperature, energy, entropy, component property in a mixture and stability are discussed.
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